Colored Diamond Engagement Rings are all the Rage

24.09.09, 10:58 / Retail reports that people are looking to surpass traditional diamond engagement rings, and are now going for colored diamonds. Blue diamond engagement rings are currently a very popular choice.

According to the website, blue diamond engagement rings are becoming a new trend.

However, natural colored diamond engagement rings are a rare find and are thus pretty costly. It has been said that one in every 10,000 diamonds produces color, although modern technology has ways to enhance the natural process of producing colored diamonds.

Blue diamond engagement rings are available for a wide range of prices. The choices are broad, making it easy to find a unique blue colored diamond according to the lady's preference.

According to, people are getting bored with traditional engagement rings and are searching for something that will make them stand out. Blue diamond rings achieve just that sense of uniqueness.

Source Karen Feldman
By: Rachel Lieberman, Israel Diamond Industry Portal

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